Signs Your Air Conditioner is Failing

No one wants to have to google “AC Repair Louisville” after their air conditioner breaks, so we’ve created a list of a few symptoms to watch for that are indicators of a failing AC unit. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, make the call to Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling before you find yourself sweating while you wait for service to arrive.

AC Repair

Unfamiliar Sounds from AC

The whirr and whoosh of the air conditioner kicking on during a hot summer day is not only comforting, but familiar. Animal nests, leaves, grass, or a rusty part that’s come loose could all cause issues that you’ll hear before you feel. When your AC Unit grinds, squeaks, knocks, or makes some other unfamiliar noise, that’s a sure sign of a mechanical issue.

Moisture Leaks

It could be a simple as a problem with the condensation line, but it could also be refrigerant, which is much more dangerous. If there’s moisture around your unit, a call for AC repair can give you peace of mind and prevent damage.

Odd Smells

A burning smell could indicate a wire short or exposed wiring that’s burning its insulation. This will not only likely cause the unit to fail unexpectedly, but any exposed wiring has the potential to cause a fire as well. A burning smell is a sign you need to call for AC repair immediately.

Weak or No Airflow from Vents

If your air conditioner is running but, the airflow coming from the vents is weak or non-existent, this indicates two possible issues. Both reduce airflow and force your system to run harder to keep the home cooled. A blocked duct will prevent air flow and potentially spread allergens, mold, or mildew through your home. A failing compressor can damage other parts of your unit if you don’t have the AC repaired.

Air Isn’t Cold

The most common complaint and one you’ll surely notice. Hot air is another sign of a failed compressor is when the air blows but won’t get cold. This could also be a sign of being low on refrigerant or of a refrigerant leak.

AC Repair Louisville & Southern Indiana

Air Conditioner repair isn’t a DIY job for most. The potential for injury, electric shock, exposure to chemical refrigerant, or damaging an expensive unit mean this job is best left to the professionals. If you need AC Repair Louisville or Southern Indiana, Mitch Craig Heating and Cooling has you covered with trained technicians, a warehouse of parts, extensive safety procedures, and a long history of satisfied customers.

If we can’t repair your AC, Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling also does replacement and supplemental installs for homes that need new units. You can read more about our mini-split systems here.

We offer free second opinions on repairs. Contact Us to get a second opinion on major repairs suggested from another company. Estimates for new or replacement systems are free.