It’s Not Too Early to Think About Your Furnace

heating service replaces filter

The Kentuckiana area weather is fickle, and an early cold snap often leads to homeowners turning on their heat for a few nights before they’ve adjusted and can sleep with the windows open waiting for that first really cold night. These early test runs are how most find that they need heating service. To avoid a late-night search for “heating services near me” we’ve included a few tips below:

  • Clean around your furnace.

    Those totes that filled up during spring cleaning can prevent airflow and are a fire hazard. While some furnaces can get away with almost no clearance, 18” of unobstructed space is usually a safe minimum, with 24”-36” on the side that a home heating repair technician would access. If you’re not sure of the clearance requirements for your furnace, err on the side of caution and clear that space.

  • Change or clean your filter.

    A dirty filter forces your HVAC system to work harder. This is one of the most manageable heating service maintenance steps you can take. If you don’t know where your furnace filter is located, there’s a good chance it’s going to be extremely dirty. Find the filter, notate the direction of airflow (there should be an arrow on the side), write down the size (trust me you won’t remember it when you get to the home supply store), and replace it with the same size. Write the date on the edge of the filter and set a reminder on your phone to recheck it in 1-3 months depending on the air quality of your home.

  • Check your registers/vents and returns.

    Vents are where your HVAC unit blows the air it has heated or cooled. While a blocked vent won’t often cause a home heating repair call, the system may be stressed if a vent is covered or you must raise the thermostat to maintain the temperature in the area.

    Returns are the bigger vent openings that draw air back into the system. Covering a return does stress your system as it will struggle to bring air back into the furnace. Make sure your return stays uncovered.

  • Clean your vents and returns.

    Once you’ve uncovered your vents, use the extension on your vacuum to pull dust and debris out of the vent. Removing this dust means it won’t eventually clog that filter you just changed.

  • Give it a test run.

    Turn your thermostat to heating, set the temperature a bit higher than it currently is, wait for the system to kick on, and then let it run for 10 minutes. You should feel warm airflow out of the vents you uncovered. Odd noises or smells are an indicator that you may need home heating repair.

What if you need heating service?

Completing these steps now means that you can have confidence in your system on that first cold night of the fall. If you find yourself struggling with any of the steps above, before you google “heating services near me”, contact Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. We’re locally owned, insured, and our trained technicians can diagnose, repair, or replace any heating system.