Keeping You Safe and Comfortable

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Mitch Craig Heating and Cooling, Essential HVAC contractors Louisville & Southern Indiana

In compliance with current government recommended measures, lots of us are spending most of our time in our homes. At this time of year, when temperatures swing from lows in the 50s overnight to highs in the 80s in the afternoon, we’re often using both our heating and air conditioning units on the same day. Unexpected breakages mean uncomfortable days and nights for everyone in your house and searching for HVAC contractors in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

How We’re Keeping You Safe

As an essential service, Mitch Craig Heating and Cooling has taken measures to make our interactions in your home as safe as possible. Here are some of the steps we’re taking to ensure your safety:

  • Our office is being sanitized on a regular basis
  • Every work vehicle has been stocked with sanitizers
  • Our employees are following recommended hand washing techniques
  • We are practicing social distancing at a minimum of six feet
  • Our employees have been provided masks for your and their protection
  • We are wearing protective booties to prevent tracking anything into your home
  • We regularly remind our employees of recommended CDC practices
  • We stocked commonly used equipment and parts to avoid the introduction of infection from outside sources.

We appreciate every customer who invites us into their home, especially at a time when we’re asked to avoid unnecessary contact. We hope these extra safety measures we’ve taken give you comfort when the world may be making you uncomfortable.  We appreciate you choosing us as trusted HVAC Contractors in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

How We’re Keeping You Comfortable

Smart ThermostatThis time of year is also the perfect time to think about upgrading your HVAC system with a smart thermostat to keep the house comfortable and save money. We’re currently offering rebates on air purification, zoning, and smart thermostats. Click here for more details.

We’re Here For You

Stay well, stay home (if you can), and if you need a free estimate or second opinion from HVAC contractors in Louisville or Southern Indiana, contact us here or at (812) 786-0469.