How to Know Which HVAC Unit Is Right for You

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How to Know Which HVAC Unit Is Right for You 

Kentuckiana often has extreme seasons that make life practically unbearable without the right HVAC unit. Before you buy an HVAC unit, make sure that you choose a model that will work well in your home. Otherwise, you may find yourself sweating throughout summer and shivering all winter. 

Split AC HVAC Systems Work Great in Kentuckiana 

Split AC HVAC systems suit Kentuckiana’s climate because they let you heat and cool your home without purchasing separate units. 

During winter, temperatures in Louisville rarely exceed 50 degrees F. During the coldest nights, you can expect temperatures under 30 degrees. You need a furnace that can generate enough heat to keep your family comfortable. 

During summer, homeowners run into the opposite problem. July temperatures usually exceed 80 degrees throughout June, July, August, and September. A split AC HVAC unit gives you the option to cool your home during these sweltering months. 

Control Humidity with an HVAC Two-Stage Compressor 

People who live in desert climates often say that the heat doesn’t bother them. Since they live in areas with very low humidity, their bodies can regulate temperature pretty well without help from air conditioning. 

You don’t need to live in Kentuckiana for very long before you realize that humidity matters. The sticky air means that sweat clings to your body and clothing. When sweat can’t evaporate, it can’t keep you cool. 

An HVAC unit with a two-stage compressor can control the humidity inside your home without using more energy than necessary. 

With a single-stage unit, you only get a high level that blows air quite strong. A two-stage compressor gives you low and high levels. 

During the day, when heat and humidity reach their peak, the HVAC unit can cool your home and remove moisture from the air. At night, when temperatures fall, the unit switches to the low level to do less work and use less energy. You’ll see the difference in your utility bill. 

Gas or Electric HVAC Units Can Keep Your Home Comfortable 

Don’t make a big deal out of choosing between gas or electric HVAC units in Kentuckiana. Either option will work fine. 

In many cases, you will find that your home only has hookups for gas or electric units. When that happens, the decision gets made for you. You have to choose the unit that matches your house’s design. 

If you get to choose between gas or electricity, consider that natural gas usually costs about half as much as electricity. Getting a natural gas HVAC unit, therefore, could save you money. 

Of course, the situation changes when you have a home with solar panels. If you have solar panels, it makes sense to choose an electric HVAC unit. 

Talk to an Expert to Get the Perfect HVAC Unit for Your Home 

Ideally, your HVAC unit will last for about 20 years. Since you’re making a long-term investment, you should talk to an expert to make sure you get the perfect HVAC unit for your home. 

Schedule an appointment with Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling to get professional advice that will help you choose the right HVAC system. Small details can matter a lot, so it pays to have an expert look at your home and show you reliable HVAC system options.