Cold Mornings, Hot Afternoons. Is Your HVAC System Ready for Both?

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The spring season often brings extremes to Kentuckiana. Temperatures may stay in the low 30s throughout the morning. As the sun rises, though, afternoon temperatures can break 80 degrees. The highs and lows of spring put a lot of stress on your HVAC system. Will your system struggle to keep your family comfortable? Even worse, is there a chance than an aging HVAC system will stop working altogether and you’ll need both heating and cooling repair?

The Benefits of Getting an HVAC Inspection Now

Getting your HVAC system inspected now could make it possible for you to avoid the high prices of repairing or replacing equipment. Once something breaks, you have to get it fixed. Otherwise, you’ll enter the summer season without any relief from an air conditioner.

When you get an HVAC inspection before the temperatures change, you benefit from:

  • Learning more about your HVAC system’s health.
  • Saving money by avoiding expensive repairs.
  • Discovering ways that you can optimize your system’s performance.

HVAC Maintenance Can Protect You From Expensive Heating and Cooling Repair

If your HVAC system seems to work well, you might not feel like you need to have a professional look at it. Unfortunately, many residential and commercial HVAC systems work well… until they don’t. Some systems decline over time. Others die suddenly without warning. Getting HVAC maintenance in early spring could protect you from expensive repairs. For example, an HVAC professional might discover a small leak in a hose. Replacing the hose won’t cost much money at all. If the leak gets worse, though, it could force your HVAC system to work so hard that it fails. Unfortunately, HVAC systems always seem to fail at the worst time. You won’t know you’re in trouble until a hot day that stresses your equipment. A lot of people will experience equipment failure on the same day, which makes it difficult to schedule an appointment with an experienced professional.

Deciding to Repair or Replace Your HVAC System

Your HVAC inspection may uncover a serious issue that requires repairs or replacement. Most of the time, a simple fix will get your system back in shape. If you need frequent heating and cooling repair for an old, inefficient system, though, it ​could make more sense to replace the system​.

Talk to your HVAC professional to help you determine whether you can save the most money by paying for repairs or updating to a new system. Is your HVAC system ready for the upcoming season? Schedule an appointment​ with the professionals at Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling to have your system inspected and get a free estimate for replacement equipment or a second opinion If your HVAC system needs maintenance or repairs, addressing those needs now will help you save money and protect your family from discomfort.