Commercial HVAC Systems vs. Residential HVAC Systems

The team members at Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling are trained to work on both commercial HVAC systems and residential HVAC systems. Are the two that different? Does the expertise our technicians bring to your job matter?

commercial hvac system on roof of building

The Difference between Commercial HVAC Systems & Residential HVAC Systems

Here are a few significant differences between commercial heat and cooling systems and residential systems:


An average home doesn’t require the same temperature and humidity management as most commercial applications. A commercial HVAC system may have to deal with large areas of windows, an influx of employees or customers, doors that customers clients are opening and closing regularly. All of which can cause temperature variations that the HVAC system manages.
Some larger or modern home designs may require equipment that falls in-between commercial and residential. Our team is familiar with both and will make the best recommendation for your situation.


Where are the furnace and air conditioner in your home? Usually in the basement and on the side of the house you rarely see respectively. When placing a commercial HVAC unit, we must consider more variables. Will the noise be disruptive to the business? Will access for
maintenance and repairs disturb the company? Where will the units fit? These are the reasons a commercial HVAC system is often placed on the roof of the business.


While Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling doesn’t offer plumbing services, we do have to account for drainage in every HVAC system. Most residential HVAC systems are small enough to drain to a single pan placed outside the home. A commercial HVAC system may require multiple pipes and pans to prevent overflow and allow time for complete evaporation.


Perhaps the most obvious of the differences between commercial HVAC and residential HVAC is the size of the units. The demands of a much larger space would overtax a residential unit. The cost and energy consumption of a commercial unit is wasteful for a home installation.
For new construction or total replacement, our team will suggest the proper unit for your application.

Modular Mechanisms

Commercial HVAC systems tend to be modular. A commercial system is designed for the structure and how clients and employees will use the building. If those needs change, adapting, upgrading, or replacing a commercial system’s modular nature makes this easier. A residential system will often be split between indoor and outdoor components making modifications more difficult.
Luckily our team is experienced in both HVAC systems and can recommend modern solutions like a split system if your residential system requires modifications for your comfort.


Setting your thermostat to run less when you’re at work is a simplification of the set up most Commerical HVAC systems require. Designing a system can become complex when factoring in what parts of the building may have different uses and how to most efficiently moderate temperature in those areas.

Maintenance Cost

Size, the difference in mechanisms, and general complexity all contribute to the cost of maintenance being higher for commercial HVAC systems. While most people can perform some maintenance on their home HVAC system like changing a filter or cleaning off the AC unit, commercial units require a skilled technician.

Why Choose Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling?

  • We service all makes and models for both commercial HVAC systems and residential HVAC systems.
  • We can work with new construction, renovation, and repairs.
  • Free Estimates. If you need a new or replacement system, or a second opinion on a repair estimate from another company, we’ll provide that free of charge.
  • Financing is now available because furnace repairs or replacements aren’t planned, but getting them fixed is a priority.
  • Our service area is big. There’s a good chance you’re in it.

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