Dangers of DIY Air Conditioner Repair

If you live in our service area, you know the summer heat can be brutal. Almost every modern home has a central air conditioning unit as part of its HVAC system. As with any mechanical system, your AC Unit requires maintenance, and eventually, you’ll need air conditioner repair or replacement. The good news is most modern units average 15-20 years of service if kept in good condition.
DIY Air Conditioner Repair is a bad idea. Man holding smoking wire with face covered with soot making call on cell phone.

Do NOT open your Air Conditioner Unit.

Not only are you possibly voiding the warranty, but you’re risking:

  • ELECTROCUTION – Air Conditioners are Appliances that draw a lethal amount of electricity. The cover is there to keep you safe.
  • CHEMICAL EXPOSURE – Carbon monoxide, or Freon and other coolants are both risks you expose yourself to if you attempt air conditioner repair without proper training. Freon is nearly impossible to smell or taste, so you may not even realize you’re being exposed until it’s too late.
  • BREAKING THE UNIT BEYOND REPAIR – Air conditioning repair is often significantly cheaper than replacing the entire unit. Watching a video and trying to do the repair yourself may result in damage that turns a small job into a complete replacement.
  • FALL RISK and HEAT STROKE – Most people think of the AC Unit as the big grey box on the side or back of the house, but that’s not always the case. Some split-systems may be mounted off the ground or even in an attic space. If you’re not accustomed to working on a ladder or in an environment that can easily reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re putting yourself at risk even accessing the system.

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks

  1. Check Your Thermostat: Is the thermostat set to air conditioning? Is the fan on or set to automatic? Does the thermostat require batteries? Is the thermostat set to cooler than the temperature of the house? If the thermostat seems to be in working order, then it may be a bigger problem.
  2. Find the Breaker Box: Your AC Unit requires power and may or may not share a breaker with other appliances. Find the breaker for the unit and make sure it’s not tripped. If your breakers aren’t labeled, make a note to add a label for the air conditioner once you’ve got it fixed. If you require air conditioner repair or replacement, a technician from Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling can help you with this.
  3. Check the Filter and Ducts: A blocked filter can wreak havoc on an HVAC system. Regularly changing your filters will help extend the life of your system. If none of these fix the system, avoid the temptation to perform additional repairs yourself.

Call the Pros for Air Conditioning Repair

  • We service all makes and models for both commercial HVAC systems and residential HVAC systems.
  • We can work with new construction, renovation, and repairs.
  • Free Estimates. If you need a new or replacement system or a second opinion on an air conditioner repair estimate from another company, we’ll provide that free of charge.
  • Financing is now available because air conditioner repairs or replacements aren’t planned, but getting them fixed is a priority.
  • Our service area is big. There’s a good chance you’re in it.

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